Happy Dogs

Happy Tails Dog Daycare Rules

To ensure the dogs are safe, Happy Tails Dog Daycare has a few rules and requirements.

All dogs must be in good health, free from any conditions that could jeopardize the health of other dogs. Copies of vaccine certificates for the following must be provided:

- Rabies
- Distemper
- Parvovirus
- Hepatitus
- Parainfluenza
- Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

Dogs new to Happy Tails should be a minimum of 3 months old with their last set of vacinations received.

Males of 6 months must be neutered.

Females must be spayed or must stay at home when in heat.

Waiting for the ball.


Because of the communal compound with no kennel type runs, a dog with poor social skills or shows any aggression cannot be accepted. Your dog must be well socialized and be comfortable with numerous dogs in a pack like setting. All dogs require a doggie trial prior to boarding to view temperament, social skills and allow your dog to feel comfortable prior to your vacation. This will be a minimum of one day of daycare to see how your dog(s) get along with the various daycare dogs. This trial will be the same as day care rates.

This is in no way a guarantee that your dog will be booked into Happy Tails, your dog must first pass this trial.

“My dog gets excited as soon as I turn down the driveway.”