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We love bringing our two dogs, Sophie and Samson, to Happytails Dog Daycare because every time we pick them up they’re very happy and tired.  We know we have left them in a clean and safe environment and we’re sure they have spent the day experiencing care free socialization.  Thanks Happy Tails!


We got Bailey in December of 2009.  I was working full time and concerned about leaving her at home all day by herself.  I called Ramona at Happy Tails and thankfully she had an available space for Bailey.  Happy Tails provided a wonderful environment for Bailey to develop into a fabulous dog.  Bailey gets lots of love and has learned to socialize well with other dogs.  Ramona also continues to train Bailey as we would.  I have now retired, but Bailey still stays with Ramona when we go out of town and visits regularly because she loves to see Ramona and still loves to go and play with her friends. 


If you are looking for a loving environment and a place where your dog loves to go, I highly recommend Happy Tails Dog Care.

Lynn James

Our Lab has been attending Happytails for 3 years both at daycare and overnight.  The care and attention that he receives is exemplary.  The dogs are under constant supervision.  When I first observed this level of supervision I was amazed at the dedication and responsibility this reflected.  Our pet has always returned healthy and happy at the end of his stay and I have never had a moment’s hesitation in heaving min there. 


We are delighted to have found a quality daycare and can recommend Happytails services highly.

Linda & Richard

I have taken my dogs to Happy Tails since they were very young puppies, over four years.  Ramona is their second Mom, so I have no worries leaving them in her care.  They are always happy to be with thier dog friends and I know they are safe.

Buddy and Missy

Rosemary Peters

I brought Clara to Happy Tails Doggy Day Care to give her an opportunity for play time and socialization with other dogs.  Ramona welcomed Clara with open arms and made sure that she was safe in her new environment. Now when I bring Clara to Happy Tails Doggy Day Care she bounds out of the car,  and runs up the stairs so she can play with her ''friends". 


I feel confident that she is being well taken care of when am gone during the day, and would
recommend Happy Tails Doggy Day Care to anyone.


Daisha has been playing at Happy Tails for a year now, and every time we drive down Ramona's street Daisha is beside herself with excitement. It is not often that Daisha is out of energy, but when she comes home from Happy Tails she has a "play hangover" for at least a day (something we can all be thankful for).


Ramona has been great in her interactions with Daisha and us, and we appreciate her dedication to Daisha and her individual needs. From Daisha, Jessica, and Simon we would like to thank Happy Tails for their hard work and care. We recommend Happy Tails for all the Dogs who like to play.


We adopted Shanara in October, 2008. She had been to several foster homes and suffered a debilitating fear of abandonment. Some of the environments along the way had obviously been cruel ones. 

A year later, I was still VERY reticent about doggy daycare. But life events demanded it. Since adopting her we had spent every day together, never separated, and she had slowly overcome many of her fears. Shanara was family.

The fear of being thrown away, abandoned, was there in droves, and overwhelmed her at first. But within minutes together at the door of Happytails, Ramona had Shanara's tail wagging, and a bond began to form.

It took a week of nurturing and half days, but what a transformative and wonderful change! Shanara now starts singing, all excited when we pull down the drive, tail wagging off her hind, and she leaps from the car, often zooming past everyone to be with her buddies.

The greatest testament I can give came recently from Shanara herself, when I arrived to pick her up. She was so excited to see me, but a large part of her joy was in trying to 'show me around', and when I asked her to go home, she ran happily back inside, urging me to stay at Happytails. "Dad, let's live here instead." She TOLD me with every ounce of her being that she was happy and secure and unafraid.

Shanara's heart has been truly filled for the first time in a long time. Her social skills at dog parks have improved tremendously, and her compulsive submissive behavior has lessened dramatically. I couldn't be happier for our super special and affectionate dog. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Ramona!  

Simon, Alisa & Shanara

Our labrador, Jake, has been staying at Happy Tails for five years, since he was a puppy.  He loves going there!  He gets to run and play and socialize and stays there when we go on holiday.  The dogs are supervised constantly - I know he always gets the best care I could hope for. .


Our four year old dog, Shadow, has been coming to Happy Tails for over two years whenever we can’t be at home with her.  She has a somewhat anxious personality, so finding a day care where she would be happy and comfortable was important to us.  Happy Tails is that place. 

Ramona has provided a wonderful “home away from home” for Shadow, and Shadow is always SO happy to see her!  What sets Happy Tails apart is that Ramona spends her days with the dogs, and that the dogs can be indoors or out as they wish.  It’s a perfect setup, and we are always happy to leave Shadow with her second mom.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Ramona Cools for three and a half years. During this time my dog Diego has attended her day care Happy Tails two days a week. Ramona has continually gone out of her way to make sure that my dog, along with all the others that attend the doggie day care are as happy as possible.  Diego has also boarded at Happy Tails on many occasions. It is a comfort to know that when I am away Diego is well looked after and having a great time with his friends.

Ramona is a very caring, dedicated and passionate individual.  She goes out of her way and  treats my dog as an extended part of her family.  Because of this and many more reasons I would not hesitate to recommend Ramona and Happy Tails to other pet owners who are looking for a safe, reliable and fun place for their dog to enjoy their days.


I am writing as a reference for Ramona Cools and Happy Tails Dog Daycare. I have been bringing my Standard Poodle, Jack, to her daycare for over 2 years and have been extremely pleased with the care she has provided our family. Jack goes weekly for “dog daycare” and I have left him with Ramona for several days when vacationing. Her facilities are clean and pet-friendly and she makes a clear effort to work with each individual dog.

As a veterinarian, I am routinely asked to recommend dog kennels and I always recommend Happy Tails Dog Daycare. Jack is always excited to see Ramona and I trust Happy Tails Dog Daycare with his care.

Dr. Jane Vermeulen, DVM

Lucy has been attending Happy Tails doggy daycare since she was four months old. Every morning when we drive down the gravel driveway Lucy pops her head up and has big grin on her face knowing she is at daycare. I can honestly say that Ramona is one of the nicest care givers I have met.

She is calm, tidy; loving and can rule the roost when she needs to. I feel confident everyday when I leave Lucy with Ramona that she is in good hands and is in very loving environment.

Ashley, Mike & Lucy

We have been taking Sophie to Happy Tails for 8 months now, 5 days a week, and cannot even begin to express how great it has been. Just mentioning “doggy friends at Happy Tails” makes her run to the door and cry to leave, and the second we pull in to the driveway of the daycare, she’s wagging her tail and trying to get out the door.

Thank you so much to Happy Tails for giving us such a great place for Sophie to spend her days. It exercises her and keeps her busy while we are at work, and has been great for keeping her socialized with other dogs.

Krista & Karl

I have been bringing my 1 ½ year old Yellow Lab to Ramona at Happy Tails since I got her. I feel very comfortable leaving her there while I am out running errands or when I need a break from her energy. Kia loves going to Happy Tails and becomes very excited when she realizes where we are going.

Ramona treats her like another member of her family and has helped work on Kia’s obedience training such as walking on leash and not jumping up on people and other dogs.

I would fully recommend taking your dog to Ramona when you are at work, or just need a break.


When my new dog Shadow entered my life I knew I wanted her to socialize with other dogs. Happy Tails is the perfect spot! Shadow loves!!! Ramona and when I pick her up at the end of the day, she is quite content to stay right there. I guess that is the best testiment, right from the dog! Her best bud Lola and all the other dogs give Shadow a fun filled day and she is very well exercised.

I would, and do refer to Happy Tails without any reservation and hope to continue our day visits as well as any "sleep overs" we need.

Shelagh Freemantle & Shadow

I and my dog both love Happytails. I love knowing that my dog is safe and loved when I am not there myself. My dog sure loves the attention, all the space to run and the extra cushy indoor flooring for those rainy days and naps!


Our Miniature Pincher Aja has been attending Happy Tails Dog Daycare since she was 7 months old.  She vibrates when we get out of the car and she sees Ramona.  She is spoiled rotten at Happytails…on cool days she is known to be hiding in someone’s jacket keeping war.  We love that she is able to be inside and outside as she wants and playing with dogs or all sizes.

Since taking her to daycare she has no fear of dogs larger than herself, one of her favorite playmates is a Great Dane.

Cindy & Ian MacPherson

I have been taking Diesel to Happy Tails Dog Daycare since he was a puppy.  He is now 3 and barks with excitement every time I turn down the driveway.

He plays all day and comes home tired. Ramona treats all the dogs as if they were her own. I highly recommend Happy Tails Dog Daycare if you want your dog to have a fun, safe and loving place to spend the day.


Our pup "Chance", now 6 months old -- can't wait to get to "Happy Tails" to be with Ramona. It is just like home, as he is played with -- gets his naps -- meets other puppies and is trained at the same time -- to say nothing of the break for us. Sometimes it is just too long to leave a young pup at home alone and well worth the reasonable charge. Lew & Polly McFarland--at the Ridge.

Our Golden Retriever can't wait to get out of our car and into daycare!!!

It is definitely a wonderful place for a dog to be, just like a second home! No crates, no tiny enclosed areas, no walking ten other dogs at a time on city streets...it is doggy daycare heaven! Room to play, run and chase ball.


She has made new friends, 'boned' up on her socialization skills and has even learned to fraternize with a cat!

We couldn't ask for anyone better than Ramona and Tyra to look after our spoiled girl...She is loved and taken care of - just like a family member.

Karen and Rick Stanley

Superb client centered service, Ramona caters to every need. A safe and happy enviornment is provided with all the love and attention my two goldens need. Ramona's is a second home for Hudson and Lily May. I never worry when I leave them with Ramona. Hudson and Lily May are excited every morning to go to doggie play school. We love Ramona and her loving care that she provides. 10 out of 10 woofs for Doggie Day Care.

Hudson and Lily May


Vanessa, the Royal Hudson , and Princess Lily May of Cowichan Bay

Oscar has been attending Happy Tails since January 2006. He eagerly anticipates his ride to Happy Tails every morning and loves seeing his buddies. Ramona has a good way with Oscar, giving him pets when needed, sleep time and lots of play time!

Sadie has been attending Happy Tails doggy day care since she was 3 months old. Happy Tails is a safe and loving enviroment that Sadie feels is her other home. Sadie looks to Ramona and the others dogs as not just friends but family. Sadie loves Happy Tails and so do I!!

Thank you for taking such good care of Sadie!!
We're looking forward to many happy days and many more happy tails!

My name is Patches, and I love coming to Happy Tails Dog Daycare. I get really excited when my owner tells me that I am going to daycare to see Ramona. I get to play with my friends or stretch out on the deck in the sun.