Happy Dogs




Happy Tail's Dog House

Our 800 sq. ft. Dog House has a large indoor play area as well as a large fenced outdoor space with trees and lots of good things to sniff. The dogs use a dog door so the dogs may romp and play outside when they wish or come inside when its raining or for an afternoon nap. The building has built-in heat, air conditioning, a TV and a small office with Internet access.

There are two pens for dogs who want to get away for awhile OR to feed your puppy. These pens may also be used as a timeout but only if absolutely necessary. There is also a small dog area available both indoors and outdoors. The indoor area is collapsible and only used when required such as if your small dog does not like to play with the big dogs.

We have boarding space for up to 3 dogs.

Our facility has been inspected by the local vet and we are insured in event of any mishap. The Happy Tails Dog House is only 7 minutes from the Mill Bay Veterinary Hospital and, should anything occur, the owner would be notified prior to action being taken as per a signed waiver.



Back Yard

The Dog House's Back Yard - What Fun!

“My dog gets excited as soon as I turn down the driveway.”