Happy Dogs




Ramona Cools' business is going to the dogs - literally!

She is the owner of Happy Tails Dog Daycare and she loves it. “I have about 8 to 10 dogs that come on a regular basis with a few drop-ins during the week”, says Ramona.

“I love all of them. They have a way of making a bad day go away.”

Self-employment started after government downsizing in 2005. Tired of making the daily commute to Victoria and very conscious of the time Tiera, her yellow Labrador, spent alone, Ramona decided to use the downsizing as an opportunity to start her own business. She was aware of how many pet parents commute to Victoria every day leaving their dogs home alone. Armed with this knowledge, a love for dogs and ample property, Ramona started her doggy daycare.

Ramona Cools

In 2005 Ramona's garden shed was converted into a sheltered area for the dogs with a large outdoor space fenced in for the dogs to go out and play. Ramona stays with the dogs all day. In the winter, she had only a small space heater to keep her and the dogs warm. The space was large enough for the dogs to come in out of the weather but not big enough for them to play.

The growth in her business led Ramona to expand.

Looking for the ball

She has recently moved into an 800 sq. ft. building with a larger outdoor space for the dogs to play. The expansion also allows for more boarding space. The new building has built-in heat, air conditioning, a TV and a small office with Internet access.

“The dogs love the larger space”, says Ramona. “They have more room to play inside during inclement weather and enjoy the air conditioning during the summer.” With unfettered access to the outdoor space, the dogs can come and go as they please. Ramona says it’s not uncommon to see a group of tired dogs huddle up for an afternoon nap.

In an effort to ensure the dogs are safe, Happy Tails Dog Daycare has been inspected by local veterinarians and is fully insured. Ramona maintains her DogSafe First Aid and St. John’s Ambulance Pet First Aid certification and is a member of the All Canadian Pet Services Network.

A dog daycare is a great way for your dog to learn to socialize with other dogs. The dogs get to play and exercise all day.

If you are unsure if a dog daycare is right for your best friend, consider this; the most common comment Ramona hears is:

“My dog gets excited as soon as I turn down the driveway.”